A Conversation Salon: Exploring CulturePlaces

Rather than try to tackle complex national and international issues and institutions that affect the entire U.S. , we concentrate on place based trends and academic research that more directly reflect our everyday experiences in our own neighborhoods, workplaces, and other closer connections. We seek to grapple with ideas that stem from and have immediate implications for our personal ties and intellectual enjoyment. We deal with those grassroots issues not to influence public policy or resolve differences but to gain an understanding of the way of the world-- in order to sort out the chaos and thereby increase our pleasure.

We start from the premise that changing the body politic at the state and national level is becoming increasingly difficult for citizens of the 21st century in the way that the power structure was able to do at the start of the 20th century, when American Progressivism was imbued with a strong reformist optimism.  “I propose that we lead” declared Edward Adams in …

ADDENDUM Some Examples of our Salons

Throughout human history, people have tended to live and die in the same place, or at least the same region, in which they're born. Place is an important part of one's identity.

Recently, we joined Philosophy Talk's John and Ken in Berkeley whose guest was India born UC Berkeley English Professor Bharati Mukherjee, author of Miss New India and other novels exploring migration, alienation, and identity.Afterwards, we walked over to the Jupiter restaurant for THE MAIN EVENT--our discussion--accompanied by pizza  (voted best in the East Bay) and some brewskis.  We broke into smaller groups so all could participate and hear each other.

What psychological effects do to immigrants, exiles, and expatriates endure? Do we risk losing an important part of human life? Or do we gain freedom from the lottery of birth and assimilate into an unfamiliar environment?
The ethnic and racial diversity were both irrelevant and advantageous for enhancing our discussion because of a diversity of e…

Race and the Virus | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter [The Glenn Show]

The Cognitive Rambler3 weeks ago
I see Glenn & John, I watch. To comment on what it is; John's awesome, yes, but it's just the chemistry you two have in conversation. You have a lot of mutual respect, but also a lot of area where you guys are able to disagree. You guys are exemplars of debate done right where your pluralism of ideas doesn't get in the way of your friendship, mutual respect, and earnest willingness to listen to each other.

Erick Minor3 weeks ago (edited) There is a physiological basis for the high mortality in the black community. Chronic vitamin D deficiency is a cause