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Sex Differences Driven by Impulse

Men are harder on the gas, women better on the brakes. Published on May 22, 2012 by Christopher Badcock, Ph.D. in The Imprinted Brain

Like it or not, there are universal differences in psychology and behavior between men and women. A recent meta-analysis by researchers at Durham University in the UK points out that men are more physically and verbally aggressive than women across data sources and nations. Men account for 76 percent of all criminal arrests in the United States, and commit 89 percent of homicides and 82 percent of all violent crime. Worldwide, men use drugs (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and cocaine) more than women and participate more often in extreme sports, such as sky-diving and mountain-climbing. Men are also more likely than women to suffer from a range of psychopathologies characterized by externalizing and impulsive behaviors such as antisocial personality disorder, cond…