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Racial differences in narcissistic tendencies

Journal of Research in Personality 45 (2011) 456–467 Virgil Zeigler-Hill ⇑,1, Marion T. Wallace
Department of Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi,  Black individuals reported much higher scores on the Grandiose Exhibitionism
subscale of the NPI than White individuals but there was no difference
between the scores of Black and White individuals for the Entitlement
Rage subscale of the PNI. Although Black individuals did
not report elevated levels of pathological narcissism, the connection
between maladjustment and pathological narcissism was
particularly strong for Black individuals. This suggests the possibility
that pathological forms of narcissism may serve as a marker of
vulnerability to psychological distress for Black individuals. This
could be due to the manner in which Black individuals with narcissistic
tendencies are treated by broader society. That is, narcissism
may be less tolerated in social…