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Why the college bribery scandal took six years to uncover and why it is no doubt the tip of the iceberg

They Had It Coming
The parents indicted in the college-admissions scandal were responding to a changing America, with rage at being robbed of what they believed was rightfully theirs.

Felicity Huffman leaves a federal courthouse on April 3.GRETCHEN ERTL / REUTERS

Updated at 5:23 p.m. ET on April 9, 2018. Sweet Christ, vindication! How long has it been? Years? No, decades. If hope is the thing with feathers, I was a plucked bird. Long ago, I surrendered myself to the fact that the horrible, horrible private-school parents of Los Angeles would get away with their nastiness forever. But even before the molting, never in my wildest imaginings had I dared to dream that the arc of the moral universe could describe a 90-degree angle and smite down mine enemies with such a hammer fist of fire and fury that even I have had a moment of thinking, Could this be a bit too much? Let’s back up.

Thirty years ago, having tapped out of a Ph.D. program, I moved to Los Angeles (long story) and got hired at the…

The inconvenient truth about genetics and success

The inconvenient truth about genetics and success By KATHRYN PAIGE HARDEN
|NEW YORK DAILY NEWS| APR 19, 2019 |11:11 AM

By reminding us that we don’t have perfect control over every aspect of our lives, genetics can encourage us to be more compassionate of ourselves and more tolerant of the differences we see in other people.Some of us are born with genes that make us struggle to lose weight and keep it off. This was the conclusion of a new